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    Different languages, different sounds and letters.
    Do you know this feeling when somebody is talking in the language you don't know or you're trying to read it,
    and you feel like you are deaf or blind?
    But put some time into learning concepts and words,
    and it is as if you've got another pair of eyes and ears!
    It is like slipping into a new, before secret, world.
    And this feeling is magical and sensational!

    I am Alina -- passionate Langventurist.
    My native language is Russian . If you are even a little curious about other countries and people, follow me in these 26 world-opening "trips" into languages!


    While traveling, I always explore the language of the country I'm visiting. And I've noticed that language doesn't only give us power to express ourselves, communicate with others, but it MAKES us, defines our mentality, world views, ways of thinking and living.

    So I decided this year to take on a new adventure --
    a virtual language trip to different countries around
    the world, 2 weeks in each, so that I can have a peek into another worlds and learn about countries and people
    through the languages they speak


    It is the first LANGVENTURE ever known to humanity!


    52 weeks. 26 languages.

    January — March

    Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Finnish

    Week 01, Week 02 | Italian
    Week 03, Week 04 | Portuguese
    Week 05, Week 06 | French
    Week 07, Week 08 | German
    Week 09, Week 10 | Swedish
    Week 11, Week 12 | Finnish

    April — June

    Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Afrikaans

    Week 13, Week 14 | Greek
    Week 15, Week 16 | Hebrew
    Week 17, Week 18 | Arabic
    Week 19, Week 20 | Persian
    Week 21, Week 22 | Swahili
    Week 23, Week 24 | Afrikaans

    Half-Year Bonus

    Bonus Language: Hawaiian

    Week 25, Week 26 | Hawaiian


    52 weeks. 26 languages.

    July — September

    Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese

    Week 27, Week 28 | Hindi
    Week 29, Week 30 | Tagalog
    Week 31, Week 32 | Vietnamese
    Week 33, Week 34 | Thai
    Week 35, Week 36 | Japanese
    Week 37, Week 38 | Chinese

    October — December

    Korean, Mongolian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Spanish

    Week 39, Week 40 | Korean
    Week 41, Week 42 | Mongolian
    Week 43, Week 44 | Turkish
    Week 45, Week 46 | Russian
    Week 47, Week 48 | Polish
    Week 49, Week 50 | Spanish

    Full-Year Bonus

    Week 51, Week 52 | Georgian


    Journey, Languages, Challenges

  • People & JOURNEY

    Language is about us

    Only 2 weeks

    each language?

    Langventure is not about learning a whole language in just 2 weeks. This is not the purpose of the project.
    My goal is to sneak a peek at the way each language works. What letters are there? What is different about the language's logic? Why? What are the challenges when learning it? And to learn some words or couple of phrases, just for fun.
    While getting a little closer to the culture and people.



    As in any journey, this one is also more fun
    if shared with others. Languages don't come easy to me, so it is going to be a tough challenge.
    I do believe my passion and your support will keep me going.
    I welcome any help, comments, hints on
    the free resources where I can find more information about languages!
    Likes and shares
    also help big time!

    Virtual trip

    with real significance!

    This journey has nothing to do with polyglotism.
    It is dedicated to those who are curious about languages and want to broad their knowledge, understand the peculiarities of different languages without needing to actually learn them. It is also devoted to those who want to learn a language but wish to get a general idea about it first, like an overview of what there is to come. That's the real value of Langventure, the world's 1st ever taken!

    Geeky and newsy :)

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