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Slangord and more

Week 10, Episode 20

What sounds like a name of some Dark Lord which if pronounced will bring bad luck, in fact is a very peaceful Swedish word: "slang" for "slang", of course, and "ord" means "word". The subject of slangord (slah-n-g-oh-rd), or words from slang, and other colloquial and informal ways to name things is particularuly interesting in Swedish and pretty much fun and odd.

For example, the word "kola" (koh-lah) that reminds you about this popular type of soda in slang brings you shivers: "to die" is the meaning. The slang word "dumburk" (doom-boork) consists of two: "dum" that, yes, means "dumb, stupid" and "burk""jar". Now you guessed that we're talking about a TV set.

Some words in Swedish are just weird on their own. You see "bananskal" (bah-nah-n-skah-l) and the image of a banana skull (how does it look?!) appears in your mind. It is just spooky!.. and banany :) Good news is that in Swedish it is just banana peel ("skal" means "skin", not "skull").

Recently this word is also used to express unexpectedly getting involved with something, especially employment. You would usually say "på ett bananskal" (poh at bah-nah-n-skah-l), literally "on a banana peel", meaning "by chance, accidentally".

For Swedish people washing dishes is party time! I know because I saw the word for it: "diska" means "to do the dishes"! They also, unlike other nations, congratulate people without taking money for that from them: "Grattis!" means "Congratulations!". Now which one is funnier—this one or Brasilian "Congratulations"?

Read that: "omedelbums" (oh-medel-booms). Or a short colloquial version: "bums" (booms). Don't you just want to jump with this sound? Well, you should, because they ask you to do something "at once, immediately, without delay".

Moreover, in Sweden you can eat "glass" and also "grönsaker" (gryon-suckerr), "green things", or "ice-cream" and "vegetables".

Interested to learn more? Go and check The Alternative Swedish Dictionary! You'd enjoy your time there!

But my favorite word of all is this one: ö (pronounced as "i" in the word "bird"). It is not only the last letter of the Swedish alphabet, but also a word "island". I find it extremely romantic that it looks like a round island with two people on it (in my imagination, a couple in love). The perfect word, don't you think?

And with that I say Hej! (Goodbye!) to Swedish (yup, it means "hello" also) and all its incredibly awesome adventures. Never thought I would be so amazed with this language and fall in love with the Swedish people through the words!

For all of you out there—Puss! (Kiss!)

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