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Paroli, paroli, paroli

Week 2, Episode 4

My Italian venture is coming to an end and I want to share something with you that I discovered during it for myself. First of all, let me tell you I never felt extremely drawn to speak in Italian. I did, however, have interest to visit the country —as many cities as possible— but I am bit scared to find it unclean or offhand. Having rich history that you can see almost in every building has a downside—old, not new, buildings. And I really don't want to get disappointed, because all the pictures you can find in internet mesmerize you.

Exploring the language side of Italy, I discovered that its language IS very beautiful. For my ear, it sounds a bit funny, but in a good way. I like Italian accent in English, and I like how sexy Italian can suddenly turn if used with this intention. Sounds, culture, food, gestures, passion—all together it overloads your channels and may leave with a sense of great pleasure.

I definitely more excited now about going to Italy one day. I would be happy to learn this language more deeply and to use it in conversations, to understand more little nuances, to get to the differences between the dialects.

I enjoyed the fact that some of the words are quite Russian ))) Yes, true. You can find a translation for it in English, but in Russian a word already exists and is used in the same way as in Italian. Like the word ecco —in Russian we would say вот (vot), but in English you have to explain the meaning in several words and how to use it properly. Or the word menefreghismo. We have a very often used similar word— пофигизм (puh-fee-geeh-zm).

Some words made me happy with their existence. You know, how sometimes you want to say something using only one word, but you just don't have it in your language. So you say what everybody of your fellow citizens will say—something that includes several words. And it's OK, but when you know one word to say exactly what you want, damn it, it feels good! :) German and Japanese are famous for that, but these two "trips" are yet to come. In Italian there are also words that we don't have in other languages. They go straight to the point and name at once things that you have to describe otherwise.

By the way, good news, guys! You already know lots and lots of Italian words ) And it is not only pizza and capuccino, there are many more. Wikipedia holds a long list of English words of Italian origin, amongst which you can find scenario, umbrella and casino. And did you know that casino actually means mess? Sounds just about right :)

Now, as I say my last goodbyes to the language I actually quite enjoyed learning, I also want to recommend you to give it a try, too—just several minutes, so you can find out for yourself what it is all about and how it sounds. I honestly didn't expect I'd love it this much. Who knows, maybe this little atempt will ignite your desire to discover more, and this might become a beginning of a great journey. Yours.

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